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Do the hustle!

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I posted yesterday about quitting a freelance gig I didn’t believe in. It was still dark out when I woke up this morning in a queasy panic. Had I exposed too much, written something idiotic, been too idealistic?

But the response I got was overwhelming. It genuinely surprised me. I’m grateful to everyone who sent me a message or left a comment supportive of my decision and reasoning. I feel a lot less crazy.

Now the real work begins. There are dishes to wash, groceries to shop for, emails to write, stories to pitch, a city to explore, books to read! I’ve got to unglue myself from this laptop and get out to *find* stories.

Most importantly I need to learn to hustle if I’m going to be so picky about the work I do. I’ve always been a piss-poor businesswoman. Case in point: I meekly forked over $20 to a Craigslister last week for an iron and an old, water-stained ironing board because I suck at bargaining.

So I’ve been turning to Jen Dziura’s advice column The Bullish for tips in building up my hustle skills. She’s good. The advice is solid. (The Rumpus’ amazing Dear Sugar I reserve for the stomach-knotting, existential questions.) Still, even without a slick hustle, I like to think curiosity, doggedness and goodwill can get you pretty far in this life.

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