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Interviews about debt for Longshot Radio

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Who do you owe the most? How are you paying the world back? What does the world owe you?

Armed with these questions, I went out walking around Chicago last Friday with a partner, Alexandra Jasura, to collect audio for Longshot Radio, a new off-shoot of Longshot Magazine and produced in the same 48-hour window. This issue’s theme is debt, so we struck up conversations with anyone who’d talk with us about it: a cafe owner, a pregnant woman walking her dog, a bar owner, a man biking in a Critical Mass rally, volunteers at the tutoring and literacy nonprofit 826 Chicago, a couple of older businessmen from the Gold Coast neighborhood and a group of first-generation Americans.

The Longshot Radio team selected part of the interview we recorded with first-generation Americans for its podcast. (“Longshot Magazine, Issue 2: Debt” is online now, too, but I’m waiting until I get the hard copy in the mail to read it.)

Abbas Bader, Sherif Metwally, Ahmed Hozain and Shaza Al-Holou were hanging out at the Water Tower off Michigan Avenue when we approached them. Like the other young people we interviewed Friday night, owing student loans was the first thing they mentioned when we asked about debt. Then they started talking about the debts they owed their parents, their children, the world. Bader in particular talked about how his Indian father and Pakistani mother paid a symbolic, peace-making debt to the world by getting married and joining cultures.

The Longshot selection linked above is the short and sweet version. I uploaded more of the interview on Soundcloud.

I’ll be posting excerpts from our other debt interviews later this week.

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