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From the Craigslist gigs section, Chicago edition

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A constant stream of the peculiar, the particular, the insulting, and the downright heartbreaking…

Swimmer and body-builder needs female to shave my back. $15 for 10 min work.

I’m looking for a set of legal age brothers or twins. Please contact for more info and I’ll be happy to fill you in.

What would it cost for a journalist to interview a handful of movers.

Please respond if you are super-pumped about life.

Have you lost your medical license and need a job that will help you keep up your medical knowledge and/or pass the SPEX or USMLE exam?

We’re hosting a fitness class for a product called the Torsoball. This class will be filmed and participants will need to say a few words in reaction to using the product. There is no compensation other than each participant will get a free product after using it. If you live near Frankfort, Il. or want to get some national TV exposure shoot me a note and I’ll give you more info. Google I only have 20 positions and over half are already filled so ONLY SERIOUS CANDIDATES PLEASE.

SELL FINE ART!$$$ [...] There will be an hourly wage of $8.50


Hello I am looking for someone to help me raise me ACT score. I am a student and can not afford prep classes. My family is struggling and I’m looking for someone to help me out of the kindness of their heart. I can’t offer much but I can offer a gift card of your choice at the end of our sessions. Also if anyone out there just has tips or resources I appreciate them just as much. I scored a 22 and was using a red ACT book that wasn’t really helpful. Also my lowest score was in math. Thank everyone in advance.

I am looking for someone to come to my house on August 27th and rip a phonebook in half. Pay is negotiable. I am deadly serious.

My child’s mother decided to up & move to GA. I need a lawyer to help me get custody or visitation rights. I have 1 child & I want to be in her life. That’s what’s wrong with society today no father figure is guiding the child. Please help if you’re in a position to help. Thank You

Start-up company is seeking attractive female models (college girls to soccer moms) for video and non-video projects. Pretty feet a plus. NO SEX. NO NUDITY. Just tickling. If you are ticklish, have a fun personality, like showing off your feet, and feel like having a good time trying something new, we’d love to hear from you. This is a legitimate project, and we have references.

Need to borrow a sheep for 30 minutes.

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