May 4, 2012 1

The heroin spiral

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I’ve been working for The Monroe Times coming up on six months. Still love it. Much of my day-to-day beat focuses on court hearings and police blotters, a stream of one-off stories and reams of information. In the past couple of months I started to piece it all together into lengthier bit of reporting on the rise of heroin use in Green and Lafayette Counties โ€” an issue I hear about regularly from police and in court.

Working on this project has been emotionally taxing. An interview with a former addict shook me so hard I wept on the drive home. But I’m happy with how the series turned out. I would’ve liked to explore more โ€” how pawn shops handle the increase in stolen goods, why pain clinics in Illinois sell prescription narcotics so freely, how families cope with an addict โ€” but the series was already topping 100 inches.

Anyway, here it is:
Part 1: “It’s just sad to see how many relationships they are ruining.”
Part 2: “You could blow fire out of your mouth.”
Part 3: “You’ve got to intervene. It’s a life or death situation.”

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  1. Pat says:

    I finally caught up with my reading and finished these. Well done.